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Welcome to The Leonard Borman Art Gallery Support page

( Your Host Robert Farris )

I created this onling art Gallery in 1999 to pay tribute to my great friend and astounding artist Leonard Borman.

I'm now in my 80s and am planning in the near future to transfer care of the web site over to my son Robert Farris II.

I think it would be in the best intrest of all of us fortunate to possess a work of art created by this  man who devoted

his entire life to this unique vocation. Thus keeping his art accessable to all who would seek out and enjoy these wonderful

visual creations for many years to come.

I'm inviting whoever would be inclined to help support this online Art Gallery with a small donation $2.00 or more to keep the site up

and running throughout the future.

Looking through the 100+ emails from collectors like yourself searching for information about works of art created by LB.

left to them from relatives or bought on-line, found in thrift shops & yard sales etc. I've received mail from all across America & parts of

Europe about his paintings. And have tried  to the best of my ability to answer their needs. 

It should only require small donations to rase the $200.00 necessary to  keep it going per year.

When enough funds have accumulated to secure the website one year in advance this page will be closed.

I also plan to sell some of the many drawings left to me by Leonard on popular web auctions to help support the cause.

for excample some like these - Drawings by LB , Drawing #2click this link to view.

I thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used exclusively to keep the site up and running throughout the future.

. You can either donate online using the button below, or send a check to.

Robert Farris

223 Kramer dr.

Canyonville, OR 97417


Robert Farris

Note on some PC. & web browsers the donate page will only show my paypal account email  pioneer-bob@hotmail.com

I was informed donation button doesn't work in chrome browser.


Thank you for your support.

Robert Farris

pioneer-bob@hotmail.com & lb1995gallery@gmail.com



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Check back occasionally I will be adding more of the hundreds of paintings, drawings, original prints, photos & carvings left to me by LB.

If you have art created by Leonard Borman & want to share it email a good photo to me I will add it to this site.

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