The Kitties & the Clock


Prize Rooster


Cuddles prize Bull of the Pillsbury Co.


Ghost Dancer 1930s


3'x4' oil LB with the painting

Parade Horse Champion in the 50's




I think this is his rendition from an old print or painting.



These two items helped LB inspired this painting,1- an original print.
2- a bronze sculpture. All three have the exact same two male & female riders.

The Wagon Boss CMR-unfinished here by-LB.

                                                 I'm pretty sure several of LB's contacts wanted Charlie Russell copies.

                                                 I actually ordered this one A Dangerous Cripple I don't remember if I backed out, or he didn't get to it.

                                                 One thing about Leonard, he did not like to be paid in advance, it made it very hard for him

                                                 to get started on a job when he had most likely already spent the money. That was not the situation here.  

                                                 LB & I saw this one on exhibit at the Palm Springs Museum years ago. I've also seen the Russell paintings in Montana.

                                                 Leonard could do a Russell with one hand tied behind his back!



The Roadrunner


Roadrunner on color paper 9x11 drawing  in my collection. *


The Roadrunner

These funny birds would visit LB's yard every day.



Cats 1977



This 11x14 Pastel dated 1984 was purchased with the Oregon Coast seascape.( click here to see more ) *




Early wildlife painting

  I don't remember the story exactly, but
LB new a few 1940's hunters in the Pasadena Duck Club
& was invited to join them on outings
to observe & make sketches for wildlife paintings.





Animal photos



Roadrunner on LB's fence




Inside LBs studio Joshua Tree, CA.

Here he was working from a  Mounted Bobcat



LB's_Bio_& my_Collection










Sketch Book
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Check back occasionally I will be adding more of the hundreds of paintings, drawings, original prints, photos & carvings left to me by LB.

If you have art created by Leonard Borman & want to share it email a good photo to me I will add it to this site.

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