Image above Leonard Borman posing with my old camera, he was in his 80s at that time.


We became  great friends,  he helped me with my oil painting but I soon turned my attention
to printmaking after seeing his many fine prints, he called drypoints.  I   knew of   the etching
process with acid & copper plates but with drypoint you simply scratched a drawing directly
     onto the sheet of metal or plastic.  Covered it with ink, wipe off  the excess & run it through an
                                                 etching press .  Leonard had  a small press I  used, it was about   12" x 16". I  later acquired a
                                                 motor powered press  that would print images 20" x 24".         


I  produced many prints over the next 30 yrs. ( Printmaker above )
  a self portrait ( Wagon below ) & many others.


 My Leonard Borman Collection
Here's a sample of  his work (The Cat above ) is a watercolor & airbrush  painting, 
a beautiful picture purchased for me by my wife, in the 70s. * 



Colorado River down stream from Needles CA  oil 22x28
( The River  )  painted from a quick drawing he made on a trip to the Colorado River in the 80s. *



 Short Biography

    Leonard Borman born in Northampton, England on April 28, 1894. His mother played violin until her hand was injured in a
train door accident, she then took up painting ( below a 10x14 painting on porcelain initialed EHB ) and was teaching young
Leonard to draw and paint. Unfortunately she died when he was 3 yrs. old. Leonard and his younger sister went to live with (The Borman Family)
their grandmother. He also attended a boys school and was an apprentice gardener at a nursery in the uk. 1907 - 1913.
In 1914 he went to Manitoba, Canada where he was also an Ap. at the Stephens Nursery. One year later he entered the Canadian
Army and fought in France World War I - 1915 -1918. After suffering a severe injury to his arm and while recovering in
hospital he found easy money by coloring B&W photos for the nurses. After recovery he came to the US and studied art at the
Art Institute of Chicago under Pennell and Bellows 1919 -1921. He and a fellow artist came to California in 1921 where they
visited most of California's Parks, the Grand Canyon and Oregon to draw and paint from nature. In 1921 they built a large
studio and LB produced some large beautiful paintings, placed them in massive gold frames and traveled to New York hoping for
a successful art sale. The year was 1929 the Stock Market Crash sent him home with different plans for his future in art. He
decided to paint and sell his works to people of the working class at a price they could afford.
   In 1932 he gave up the big studio, met and married a young girl from Brighton, England. They opened a picture frame shop and
art gallery-studio in Pasadena, CA. It was located next to a very popular restaurant where at night people standing in line
to enter became very interested in the fine oil paintings Leonard displayed in his front window. One prominent lady
introduced him to the group that would commission hundreds of animal paintings over the next 20 some years. Some of these
prominent collectors were ( Harold S. Chase. of Santa Barbara, Firestone Tire, Singer Sewing Machine, Conard Ship Lines,
Pillsbury Co., W.E.Boeing, DuPont, Sebastian Cabot actor, Mae West actress. Just to name a few. )
The air quality in Pasadena CA in the 1920s, 30s & 40s was extremely poor do to smog and was causing Leonard great
discomfort so they closed the store in 1955 and moved to the desert.
  Years earlier the Borman's bought 20 acres with a cabin in the desert, near Joshua Tree CA. Over the years they turned it
into a comfortable home, studio, & art gallery.
LB painted and May framed pictures. And his patrons came to buy and place orders for the next 45 years In 1975 his wife, May,
passed away. I had just opened my frame shop & art gallery in Yucca Valley CA, where Leonard's art works were on display. His
only relative was a sister & family  in England. So we became his adopted family. He moved in as part of the family. and stayed on and
off with us the rest of his life he died in Canyonville, OR on Aug. 15, 1995 at the age of 101 years. Through his life he had
mastered landscapes, still life, marines, wildlife, wood carving, print making, portraits and fine art Restoration.
    He was occasionally called on to do art appraisals by Bekins moving and storage Co. And others. In 1919 Charlie Russell
& family were spending their winters in Los Angeles, & bought a home in Pasadena.
Years later, after Charlie Russell died in 1926, LB helped to put values on items of Russell's to be sold at auction.

 New Information about Leonards participation in World war One   

                                   Email from Jim Busby amateur researcher/historian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                                                                                


Detail emage Leonard Borman  with   11th Platoon    1916

C Company, 11th Platoon   


   Casualty list published in the Manitoba Free Press

on September 12, 1917     



Flowers on porcelain 10x14 by  Edith Borman 1898. *




Sunset view from LB's home Joshua Tree, CA.



Spring 1977 view east from LB's home Joshua Tree, CA.



LB's home sat at the foot of gray hills view south.



View north from LB's home Joshua Tree, CA.



Leonard Borman Studio Photo



Borman Art in My collection


May Borman (1897-1975) 11x14 pastel  *

The photo



The young artist age 23 is painting the old artist age 73 a 24 x 30 oil on panel 1967. *

Joshua Tree Hi Desert Playhouse Guild put on a One Man Show to celebrate his 50 Years of Painting.


The portrait below, painted by LB, of a local Yucca Valley CA. artist and good friend
of Leonard's. This artists style was Abstract Expressionism and they did not like each
others work so to remain friends art was never discussed. I don't know if the portrait
was ever seen by the other artist.

14x16 oil on panel *



This Pekinese pastel 11x14 one of a pair of dogs from the Conard family

Conard Ship Lines *



Springer Spaniel 12x16 oil 1932 *



German Shepherd pastel 16x20 *



 oil 20x24 *



Seascape oil 8x10 *



oil 8x10 woods & stream *


oil 8x10 woods & stream, water fall *


12x16 water color *


8x10 Bathers *

 20x24 oil *


Mt. River 12x16 oil *



After North Sea storm 16x20
Private collection of Robert Farris 2nd.


Mt. Lake & Old mill 24x36 *


24x36 oil on panel The 1st. painting we bought from Leonard 1960's. * 


Joshua Trees oil 11x17 *


Desert Smoke Trees  mixed media on sandpaper *


4x5 farm scene Bridgeport CA. *


4x5 Desert *


6x7 Desert unsined


Pastoral 17x21 oil *


Desert palms 11x14 acrylic *



Aunt Zola's farm. 1982 8x10 oil *

Aunt Zola married Ralph in the 1920's she was about 16yrs.old & moved up river about five mi.( The So. Umpqua river runs through Canyonville OR.)
        to Ralph's 400 ac. family farm. The little house had set there over a 100 yrs. Any way they raised beef cattle & chickens, the rickety old foot brigde on the left led to the hen house, you had to hold your breath making the crossing or go up & wade the creek. It was no bother to aunt Zola who weighed about 90 lb.
                    They would hunt deer out on the back of the farm, and had 50 or 60 antlers nailed to the side of their barns. They would hunt from the tractor,  which was an advantage, the deer were not frightened by the noisy machine at all.  Ralph drove, & Aunt Zola stood on the back, they would come up as close as they dared & before Ralph could stop, aunt Zola would jump off & down the deer. So she laid claim to most of the trophy's. Ralph loved to fish more than any else, so Aunt Zola did a lot of running the place by her self. Ralph passed away in the late 70's Aunt Zola in the 90's she was still a good driver in her mid 80's.




16x20 oil on panel *


Sierra Madre 15x16 oil *


seascape oil 15x19 unsigned *


sea gulls oil 16x20 unsigned *


16x20 Oregon Coast *


29 Palms desert oil 24x36 unfinished *


Desert flowers oil 16x20 *


White Peafowl oil 24x36 unsigned *


24x36-Myrtle Ck. bridge Myrtle Creek OR.*


24x36 Southern OR Waterfall*


Indian wood carving 7x12 *


All paintings above are Borman Art in My collection

Robert Farris














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