The 1974 Christmas Party in LB's Home Art Gallery, he has signed back of one of several Polaroid's.


Diana's father George, at left, Leonard at head of table under painting he did of ( Nymphs and Satyr ) May on the right checking the progress.


Daughter Kim censoring the photo, my Mother, daughter Lori & myself.


Every one is checking out the Polaroid's. Leonard, Mother, Lori.


Me, Terri, Diana's little sister, George, back of son Bobby. this one's a little blurry.


Shortly after serving dessert, ( English Christmas Pudding, & I think she also made, Spotted Dog?)
May disappeared, she'd been sipping her homemade wine. Leonard said she had gone to bed.
Occasionally when there was a small group of close friends visiting the Broman's, LB would tease May by telling a story
May had related to him about her father back in Old England. She said her dad work on the groins, (a breakwater on the coast at Brighton.)
& to make sure he awakened at an early hour, he would have the The Knocker-Upper tap the window pane of his second floor bedroom,
at the time he wanted to get up.  
"Your dad works on  the groins & he's awakened by The Knocker-Upper!" LB would say. Yes, May very seriously answered, he Knock's up people all over town, every morning, It was like a comedy routine from Laurel and Hardy. 




 The old style 'knocker upper' that would wake up the factory, mill and pit workers in the area, years ago, before the arrival of the alarm clock in the homes of the poor. (As we all know 'knocker uppers' in the olde England means 'waker uppers', they simply wake people up and they do not knock women up and there is no sexual connection to the terminology intended!)

 (The old style 'Knocker Upper' doing his job in Brighton)

These old style knocker uppers used to charge everyone a penny or two a week to wake them up so they would not be late for work, and therefore not be sacked (fired) for bad time keeping. Those that have lived in poor housing and done a few early shifts in mills and factories will know what I mean when I say it's not easy to get up day in and day out to go to some mundane soul destroying job. These knocker uppers were indeed vital to workers especially in the winter months. They walking around the streets at 4am in the morning with a long pole tapping on windows. The knocker upper made sure you got to your destination and at the right time.




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