Borman Art sold by LB  to his collectors over the years.

A Hi - Mountain Lake ( top of the line compassion by LB.)


Yosemite Valley








Bears in the Red Woods.




Bears fishing.


And more Bears











8x10 oil *












1982 Mt. with Elk






Farm by the River


This look like LB fishing, although
he was not interested in the sport.
Only it's use in his pictures. 












Mac McVicker's farm - Diana's Grandma & Grandpa's place. Leonard painted this for them in the 1970's.

The little forty ac. spot was in the hills between Perris & Hemet CA. There's Mac out by the Black Angus he was raising at the time, we'd buy
half a beef from him, the best I've ever had. When he quit raising them I quit eating red meat & pork. Off to the right the very important outhouse.
       Center the tire swing hung from a pepper tree by a thick soft, white rope that kept the kids busy for hours. That's Leonard standing in the doorway,
   next is Grandma followed by a whole mess of grandkids. Center left the Brooder House where Mac had turkeys years earlier. At far left Mac's Shetland
pony's Peanuts & Goober . Oh & lets not forget the Rabbit, Quail & Soaring Birds. The painting resides with a grandson in Las Angles, CA. 

Diana, Mac Peanuts & Goober



More Deserts


20x30 Prospector & Donkey *


In this view the old man is just around the hill center, right.










Snow on the Desert
















5 Quail 2 Rabbits1 Bird


6 Quail 1Rabbitsnobird



Desert Sky




LB's_Bio_& my_Collection









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