About photos of Leonard in my collection. Other than the one of him with -
(The Borman Family), I have none from that time until he arrived in California in about 1919.

Sierra Madre CA.

Leonard in The 1920s




Here working on the portrait of artist friend Howie 1920s. 




Yosemite National Park - 1916 Pierce-Arrow Touring automobile.

Click for info. about this drive through tree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wawona_Tree



LB right front, center front friend Howie. They were students at the Chicago IL. Art Institute.
Leonard later moved to California with Howie & his mother.



Leonard at the Grand Canyon

The lodge today


Construction of 1st Gallery Sierra Madre CA. 634 W. Central Ave.
Google map shows this location changed by the 210 Foothill freeway.
Someone climbed a tall tree to get this photo. I doubt it was LB, he
told me he had a dreaded fear of heights. On one occasion he was
     hiking on a trail up Mt. Whitney above Lone Pine, CA. The trail suddenly
        changed into a narrow ledge, shear wall on one side, and a endless drop on
the other, his friends had moved on across, he was sweating & shaking
as he crawled on hands & knees to make it to the other side.



Sierra Madre Gallery  1921 - 1932

 Hand built by LB & Howie, they even made the 2000 bricks needed.



Sierra Madre Gallery interior




The Grand Canyon 

This painting was 12' long and 6' high. It appears to be unfinished hanging here in the Sierra Madre Gallery.
Leonard explained to me some viewers thought it impossible for the rainbow to display in the almost complete circle.
He finally finished it and later cut 4' from the right side to become 4x8 ft. (see it here.) It's now in the private collection of Diana's brother in Eugene, OR. 



Pasadena, CA.

Pasadena Gallery, frame shop, studio 1932 - 1955.

570 S. Fair Oaks Pasadena, CA.


Pasadena Gallery, frame shop, studio 1932 - 1955.

Leonard's wife May on left, LB pretending to paint left-handed look herehere & the photo above, he's probably just doing it for the photo.

The lady on the left & man with LB unknown. The large books behind May are art journals dating back to 1800, LB gave them to me in 1975.

  570 S. Fair Oaks Pasadena, CA.


At 574  So. Fair Oaks Ave .  PASADENA,CA
The lower left was the Borman studio..directly above that was their apt.
At the far right was a lamp company..my Aunts apt. was top right
The first 3 windows were the Borman apt.
This picture was taken & sent to me by Bob Decoteaux 13 May 1991 He lived in one of the apt. up stears in his teens
The building is no longer there.
The door you see is the one we used to go upstairs..there was also a door in the rear that led to the alley behind the  building.

Pasadena Gallery front window 1932 - 1955.



Ad poster LB painted Pasadena, CA.



In the late 40's & into the 50's Pro. Wrestling was a big deal in the arenas around the country & because of the popularity of television, Michele Leone & others became big stars. On May 21, 1952 Baron Michele Leone made wrestling history, when he lost the Olympic version of the world title to Lou Thesz at Gilmore Field in Los Angeles, The event drew 25,256 fans, which is still to this date the second largest crowd to watch a wrestling event in Southern California history, and took in $103,277.75 at the gate. Leonard & May Attended many of these events &  Leonard began making sketches of the action. And turn them into paintings.

The 6 drawings below are from one of 3 sketchbook I have of LB's *















Jab to the eyes!



The splits!



Right cross to the chin! Hey it's that boxing?

It was usually no holds barred in these highly dramatic bout's.

The drawings were done in the 40's - 50's but background here indicates LB did the paintings in Joshua Tree, CA.








1935 Packard initially owned by Samuel Goldwyn - MGM

The story is Leonard & Sam Goldwyn's chauffeur were good friends, I will guess
(because it was 30+ yrs. ago LB told me.) the car was probably given to the chauffeur &
later sold to LB. Leonard snapping photo, May & a friend in rumble seat looking at
Mt. Whitney, just south of Lone Pine, CA. Probably late 1940s.

Joshua Tree, CA.

Around 1955 LB & May moved to Joshua Tree, CA. What a fine group of paintings




 LB painting in front yard                                                                                             Joshua Tree CA.                                                                                                            LB painting in fading light


LB & his Dog

The splatters, stains & scratches on this photos are typical of many he used for reference.
The future condition of the photo did not concern him while the paint was flying!














Pasadena, Sierra Madre area late 1940's

Another photo Leonard painting on location.





  This taken in his Joshua Tree studio. He has added to his mustache with pen & ink.
                                  Below other photos he had painted on.                                  


He was a real character always looking for the funny side of a situation. I never saw him sad, mad or disgusted. He said he had not needed a doctor since the injury he sustained in  WW-1, when an enemy mortar shell exploded near the dugout killing his army companion. They were scouts in the Canadian Corps, he talked about the Battle of Vimy Ridge and experienced similar to this British scout in 1917. 

 Leonard was a bit of a skeptic, He always thought the Lottery was a scam until Diana, my wife gave him one of two tickets she bought. It was a $500 winner.


This looks to be a store bought beret, although May, his
wife, hand made most of them for him. I have about 12 or
more of them I take great pride in.



May & Leonard in the art gallery of their Joshua Tree home.




Leonard & May

Once she was asked what she thought of his talent. She simply said he has magic fingers!




Leonard acquired this extraordinary frame made of Ebony ripple molding ,  
by way of a swap of art work he did for a fellow in Pasadena, who did
restoration of old master fine art. It was said to have come off an original
16th century Rembrandt painting???



The 1974 Christmas Party at Leonard's Joshua Tree, CA. Home


Leonard's sister Ivy on her first visit from England to America & the Borman's in Joshua Tree, CA.

And it's Tea Time 






LB at Old McVickers Farm (that would be Diana's grandpa's place)1980s So. CA.


London Bridge Colorado River 1976 Leonard, Diana, & son Bobby



London Bridge Bus Colorado River 1976

Leonard, son Bobby, 1st.daughter Lori, Diana, behind niece Tawnja & Kim 2nd daughter.


Yucca Valley

The 2nd. time I went out to visit Leonard, as I approached the
dirt road that lead 1-1/2 mile form the hi-way to his house. He
was there at the turn off standing on a 5ft. ladder adding fresh
paint to the sign you see here behind him. We moved it around
for him where ever he setup a new studio. It's standing in my
back yard now.


Quines Creek OR.

Diana & I came to Oregon in 1981 although she lived here in 1947. Leonard did not want
us to leave Yucca Diana, Bob, LB, Edna & Pop
1994 Edna Leonard's niece came over
from England to celebrate his 100 yrs.Valley, CA. I had sold my Art Gallery / frame shop, He had a nice place
on the south edge of the YV. golf course and more than enough art patrons to keep him busy.
I had traveled there to visit him & gather items from storage a few times. Then in 1982 he
called and said come and get me, so I did. In this picture he's in front of his A Frame cabin on a
20 ac. place out in the backwoods. It also had two other houses.

Getting ready for an other hard day with brushes & paint.


Another Borman work of Art, another happy patron.

Myrtle Creek OR.



Studio Portraits





































     Leonard quit smoking back in the 1930s, he tried to get May to give it up but she kept at it. Finally one day he came in and dumped 1000 packs of cigarettes (about .15 cents a pack = $150.00 worth ) on the kitchen table. When she ask what's this? He explained this is the amount you are smoking in one year, She never touched them again.




                                          LB most always wore a string tie that showed off his wood carving talent, this one appears to be an Indian.
                                         Others had quail sitting in a juniper bush, and this Spaniel dog . They were great conversional pieces.
                                         The one he is wearing in the photo above was the knob from an antique umbrella or walking stick,
                                         it was ivory with fine engraved oriental faces around the edge. He also liked to paint on rocks
                                         and collected large amounts of sliced rock of all varieties this owl 3"x4" was one of his favorites rocks & subjects.




Sketching Nature





Leonard  & a lady friend

He had a couple of girl friends on into his 90s - 100s.


LB looking over a friends garden.  




In his 90s he gave up growing  flowers & just bought plastic.

                            He did keep a couple of pots of Burbank cactus going & said it was usefully as a home remedy, and had helped out several times.
                            I think he cured Mac McVicker's gout with it and his cheek was infected from the bite of a desert kissing bug, it helped get relief from that to.



I bought this antique metal frame 7"x10" od. from him about 1971.
He wanted to buy a brand new 1971 Ford van, and he wanted nothing
to do with credit. So he sold a priceless collection of antiques to raise
$3000. I got some very nice things but one of the big items was a 8'
high 12' long carved teak wood screen or partition (what ever?) with
1-1/2" thick panels & four 4"x4" thick posts. That was an exhibit from
India to the 1800's Worlds Fair Chicago IL. I think it went for $1000.




Just me, Watch the birdie now!



So the picture is from the 70's Ann Landers used the same photo for years!

- - - more to come - - -



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