Photos of His Life & Times


  John Borman - Leonard's Granddad.



George Borman, Leonard's
father 1800's milk delivery.




WW-l  battle scene


Ocean with sun rays 1920's


 LB painting a race horse.



LB's close friend Harold H. Herd
pretending to restore a puzzling picture?
Leonard was working on.1940's


This family of seven girls & a son
were good friends of the Borman's.


LB painting ad poster WW ll


A Eugène Delacroix painting Leonard had & sold
to Carmen Dragon conductor, composer. LB
obtained several old master paintings, restored &
resold them in the early days for a fraction of their
worth today.


A magnificent 6 or 7 ft. marble statue was part of a
large collection of antiques sold in the early 1970's.



Little Old Frame Maker. 1, 2, 3, 4.


Little Old Wine Maker



Leonard Borman News Clippings


LB's portrait of Art Miller & horse


Pillsbury Co. champion bull





















LB posing in his front yard

Joshua Tree CA.











In his Palm Desert CA studio

Diana, Bob, LB, Edna & Pop
1994 Edna Leonard's niece came over
from England to celebrate his 100 yrs.








When LB came to live with us in 1975 all 4 corners
of his 1971 Ford van were bent in, so he decided
since he would have two drivers, he would give it up.





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Check back occasionally I will be adding more of the hundreds of paintings, drawings, original prints, photos & carvings left to me by LB.

If you have art created by Leonard Borman & want to share it email a good photo to me I will add it to this site.

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