Portraits from life models & photos

Sebastian Cabot  oil on panel 1964

(July 6, 1918 August 22, 1977) was an English film and television actor, best remembered
as the gentleman's gentleman, "Giles French," in the 1960s sitcom Family Affair.



In this 18x36 painting commissioned by Cabot, has him as Old King Cole surrounded by a happy bunch.  

About Cabot - http://www.nndb.com/people/331/000044199/


 a Grandmother knitting

LB had 2 Nikon's cameras over the yrs. But he loved Polaroid instant photography
to make copy's of his paintings, unfortunately these old Polaroid's are
curling up & cracking. I did a quick fix to a long crack in the center of this image.



Pastel of lady from the Hi-Desert area





Pastel of our 1st. daughter Lorelei 12yrs. old

Lori's collection




Oil painting of 2nd. daughter Kim 4yrs. old

Kim's collection



Portrait in pastel's of a girl from the Hi-Desert.

See the photo




Character Portraits

from photos and other sources







Indian  Brave 12x16 oil

private collection L.Mollers



Indian child 10x14 oil

private collection  L.Mollers



Old Indian 12x16 charcoal *


Indian oil 16x20 *


11x14 Pastel *




Here LB's holding this pastel & I'm behind the camera Yucca Valley Gallery.






LB loved & collected Native American turquoise
he had turquoise nugget & Squash Blossom Necklaces
note the frame he made here has turquoise liner.



12x16 pastel 1977 *






8x10 Indian pastel on Brown paper 1981 *




Water color


The Photo 

In Oct. 1969 the Indian POW WOW & parade would take place in Yucca Valley, CA.
          And Leonard ask me if I would take pictures, I was between cameras at the time, so he loaned
        me his 1950's EXA 35mm SLR German Camera. I had a 35mm automatic that quit working,
                        but had never used this type before, so he explained well enough, how to use it & I got some fairly good
 pictures, he like them so much he gave me the camera & later two 4x5 graphic cameras

 ( me 1970 north of Palm Springs1920graflex  model.


This from Indian POW WOW photo.





This two fine oil paintings on panel are 11x14

painted in LB's last studio here in Canyonville, OR.

1994 - 1995 *





 Diana's sister Terri *


Pastel *






This gentleman was a judge and also
Leonard's landlord of The Pasadena Gallery.
Lb had very high regards for him.




Portrait  of  a Pasadena gentlemen 1940's.


Another view of the other Yucca Valley artist.






You can laugh if if you want but these silly looking things made a few bucks for LB.

He hiked around the desert near his home picking up these dead Joshua roots & end up with this.

This is the only good  picture I can find of them although he did several. 



This is a human size head LB created from terracotta.

He did the oriental & the Indian, he may have made others.

To my knowledge he did not do any serious sculpture, although he was very capable.

He just did things that sold. 





LB  Portraits


Portrait by another artist


LB at 24 yrs. old  looks like a 30x40?



Self-Portrait sketch *


LB Self-Portrait sketch 1894 - 1984 - 90 yrs. *


LB Self-Portrait

6x8 brown felt pen on velour paper *


LB Self-Portrait


May Borman


Leonard Borman Self Portrait 20x24 oil 1979 current location Indiana

Here is a photo I took of  Leonard in Yucca valley CA in the mid. 1970s, he used it later for the self portrait.


LB's_Bio_& my_Collection









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Check back occasionally I will be adding more of the hundreds of paintings, drawings, original prints, photos & carvings left to me by LB.

If you have art created by Leonard Borman & want to share it email a good photo to me I will add it to this site.

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