Portraits from life models & photos

Fairly large portrait 1943-1950

When there is no information under these pictures it means I just don't know.
LB never put size, dates, who they were painted for or bought by on them. 
If they have not been cropped the scene behind some time gives a clue.






Another Lady in a dance dress with castinetts, about 24x48. upper left reviles a bit of the Teak wood

piece from the 1800's World's Fair I referred to near bottom of  Photos1






pastel on black velour

24x36  before 1975


NUDE - 2

pastel on velour




Old Lady in Red

This is a portrait of Howie's mother. After her husband's death in New York City she sold a very successful family business. And about that time her son met Leonard. She then put the two young men through the Art Institute of Chicago, and they later all came out west. It was her money that financed the Palm Studio and gallery in Sierra Madre & the trip to Grand Canyon, California's Parks & other locations, to further advance the art education of the Leonard &  Howie.    Events that followed were the 1929 art show failure in New York City ( see Bio. page), and she learned lawyers handling her affairs with the business sale had cheated her out of many  $1000.'s. The gallery was liquidated and Leonard moved on.  

I wish I had a clearer image of this 4'x5'? painting. In it's original massive gold frame. It's partly exposed in other photos, here & here Leonard painted it in the 1930's. He was going to show it to Will Rodgers. Who was looking for an artist to do a portrait of his mother, and then  - ( Rogers died in 1935 with aviator Wiley Post, when their small airplane crashed near Barrow, Alaska Territory.) I actually was buying this from LB for $250. in 1975 when someone offered him several hundred more not knowing it had been sold to me. I agreed to give it up, it was a great loss looking back but at the time money was scarce & it was a pretty large picture for the average home. I never got my $100. down payment back, but who was I to complain, he sold this priceless painting & frame to me for $1.00 it has a signed note on the back to that effect. I think he knew as long as we had it, he had it. Not so with many other beautiful & valuable possessions he tried to keep as he moved around to different places, that slowly disappeared!            





May & Leonard

Water color 1976




18x22 oil on canvas-detail  In my collection *

LB did not usually give his pictures titles but with the Friar he had metal name tags made, I think, like all the good sellers he reproduced them over & over.
Here are two similar deserts slightly different colors, one with and one without the Prospector & Donkey ( The one with is mine.) I know he painted several almost identical to some I have. On Some pictures making major changes & others not at all. I personally have no problem with his subject repetition, he was in this to make a living, and not to produce one of a kind fine works of art priced so high no one would buy them. Although many, many of them were Fine Works of Art . Here in my opinion is a fine example.
After the 1929 disaster see Bio here, he sat out to paint the best pictures he was capable of doing at a price the interested patron could afford.
About one year after meeting Leonard in 1964 on meager wages we bought this unframed 24x36 scene of Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon for $135.00, and a few yrs. later portraits of our two daughters for around $50. each unframed. A lady looking over pictures he had for sale in his home saw this one of our daughter he was working on & wanted to purchase it. He explained it was for someone else but agreed to do one for her with different colored eyes. 
I have added here his Pasadena store records from 1943-1944. It opened Sep.20-1943 - I have no records after Dec.1944 & they closed around 1955. Store rent $35. per month paid to L.Sendman-I think this was the Judge who owned the building.) he & May also did picture framing ( no records ).
He put his best work in the front showcase windows & was painting Dog & animals portraits for all those very wealthy individuals. I don't recall him talking about what he was charging for those jobs.



8x10 oil on panel *



Rembrandt van Rijn  (c.1634 ) detail *

 In the 1970's a Russian Exhibit of Fine Art including several Rembrandt came to Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Diana, Leonard, I went to see it, and marveled at works we had never seen before. A few days later Leonard picked up the brochure from the Museum, it had a 2x3" picture of this Rembrandt self-portrait on it, so he got out his box of pastels, a 16x20 sheet of artist grade sand paper and about one hour later it was finished. I just though it was amazing. And am very pleased to have a Leonard Borman rendered Rembrandt displayed among the works of Art I have by him.


Rembrandt's Son 5x6 pastel Leonard did this
about the same time as the one above.*


 11x14 Pastel on velour by LB 1976 in a custom frame I made at the YV. shop. *



11x14 Pastel on velour 1981 *



8x10 oil on canvas unsigned. *



5x7 watercolor of Diana's Mother & Great Granddaughters. *



Nymphs and Satyr  

Not by Bouguereau but by Leonard Borman, he had fun with this and I think it later sold for around $500.

Photo above taken at a party for Leonard and show of some of his Art. Location - RED DOG Saloon in Pioneertown,

 north of Yucca Valley, CA.


LB's_Bio_& my_Collection









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