Still life







LB grew giant stands of  hollyhocks in the front yard & then of course

put them on canvas. actually he only used canvas if it was asked for.

masonite  was the norm. 










This 14x30 oil in my collection











LB had two antique Chinese opium pipes for this purpose only.


4x5 watercolor on sandpaper













It doesn't show but these four paintings of cactus are 3D


Roses & Lilacs 16x20




This & the Roses & Lilacs above are in my collection.


A beautiful painting our daughter Lori bought from Leonard.


I have a painting very much like this one. LB gave Diana the big copper kettle he used here in 1975, it sits on our kitchen wood cook stove.
He said when he bought it for May he avoided telling her it's price, she was thrifty & if he wanted something cost didn't mater.


Leonard injoyed  growing  flowers & using them in his paintings.


8x10 egg's in a copper pot.

This is one of about twelve paintings I completed, after getting involved with print making I never went back to it.
I took it out to get Leonard's opinion, he did not say much except he though a little green in the background might
help, so he dab his finger in some paint on his pallet & applied it. I never achieved the quality of painting I wanted to, but really enjoyed print making.



LB's_Bio_& my_Collection










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Check back occasionally I will be adding more of the hundreds of paintings, drawings, original prints, photos & carvings left to me by LB.

If you have art created by Leonard Borman & want to share it email a good photo to me I will add it to this site.

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