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This Mission painting handed down to new owner from a relative that bought it from LB years ago.




I've lost details about his one but I remember the new owner wanted info about the subject. I told him this was one of LB's favorite

 artist  Corot  a nineteenth-century French painter Leonard often used the subject & colors, I own two, a watercolor & a 8x10 oil.




Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, Flea Markets,

Borman paintings are being discovered in estates of the original collectors that have passed on. And some are finding there way to

Yard Sales, Thrift Shops & Flea Markets.

This 20x30 oil picked up at a church rummage sale for $5.00



I received this 11x16 image in email 2008 it was found stored in the garage, the finder thought it was signed Zonard Borman. ( Leonard made his L by combining the L & E to look like the English pound cymbal so it might look like a Z.) The sender stated -" We think we obtained the picture about 20 years ago from my wife's Grandma after her death.  My wife's grand mother apparently purchased the painting at a shop in Pasadena, Ca. Not sure when. It measures 16"x11". I rather like it now. It hangs in the spare bedroom. "



 I also received this 30x40 image in email 2008 the owner says it was a housewarming gift from her mother from 1972
and was ready to sell it.



This beautiful 25"x 36" northern California or Oregon coast line painting was found March 2010 in a thrift shop is in Pomona, CA

This type frame puts it's likely creation at LB's Pasadena CA. Gallery



24x48 Seascape & email from new collectors Landy and Petra Hardy. April 2010

" Dear Mr. Farris, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site on Leonard Borman, the artist and his works. What a great experience you had knowing him and thanks for sharing your personal experiences with us. I just today acquired one of Mr. Borman's paintings at a local flea market in Eureka Ca. The owner that sold it to us said she got in at a yard sale in S. California near Pasadena in the 70s. She said she paid under $100 for it then. I was quite taken with it hanging in a funky warehouse setting. I did not know it was a Borman but was just taken with the scene, the colors and the fact that it appears to be an area of northern California coastline or possibly Oregon where I find from your history of his life,  he painted." ( Click image above to enlarge. also Seascape detail-1 & detail-2 )

Mr. Hardy was wondering about a possible real location that inspired this painting. I would say unless one had a keen knowledge of  northern California & Oregon coastline it's any one's guess.




I received this image of an old mill painting by Leonard from a lady that lives in Lake Havasu City Az.
 Two of his paintings were bought at an estate auction that she attended there. She says the colors are just brilliant.

Old Mill  41x 29 Borman hand carved frame



Moraine Lake in Banff National Park Canada - 39"x 50"

This photo sent to me December 2010 from Ralph, his email stated -

In 1951, my father was working for $1/hr at a gas station across the street from Leonard Borman's studio.

He bought this 39x50 painting for $250. My mother is still angry all these years later.

The painting is canvas on Masonite. The frame fell apart years ago.

It looks like someone tried to peal the canvas off the board, but the painting doesn't seem to have been damaged.

Anything you can tell me about the painting would be appreciated.

My answer to him -

Hi Ralph
Thank you for sending your story and photo.
The picture subject is ( Moraine Lake in Banff National Park Canada )
The peeling canvas is most likely caused by moisture or water damage.
I'm not an art appraiser but in good condition I think this painting would bring three times the original price or possibly more.

Robert Farris


I received this email from Richard in Tennessee - Tue, Jan 25, 2011

"I've included a picture of a Leonard Borman painting that my wife recently found
at a garage sale here in middle Tennessee. She bought it for a buck. Amazing!!
As you can see, it is a southwestern desert scene with a roadrunner in the foreground.
We were delighted to discover the artists' renown and have hung this painting in the living room.
It is wonderful.
How it got here to this part of the country...and a mystery.
I hope you like it. Please feel free to add it to your Leonard Borman site.

Best regards Rich"

15 x 19-1/2

Bottom left detail


Here is email & six LB pictures sent to me Jan.2011

Many years, about 40, we met Mr. Borman out in Joshua Tree.
My husbands parents lived in Yucca Valley and they had him paint our daughter.
They have a number of his paintings which we now inherited. They are just beautiful.
Thank you kindly,
Irene H.


Monument Valley 24 x 33-1/2


Indian Dwelling 21.5x 26-1/2


Indian Girl & Goat 16x18


Indian Child 8 x10

These four fine Leonard Borman paintings above are for sale contact the owner with this email.

The two below not for sale.


Mt. Quail 13x16


Humming Birds 13x16



12 x 16  Roadrunner


Leonard Borman pastel above is for sale contact the owner with this email.

or 760-413-9392



Here's an interesting story I received the 27th of February 2011 from a lady is Southern CA.

She sent photos of a portrait of her mother & writes -

" Dear Mr. Farris.....first I would like to say how much I enjoyed your website...very informative! I think you will find the story regarding the attached portrait of my mother interesting. Leonard signed it in 1945.

I remember going to his studio on Fair Oaks when mother was posing for the picture. At the time my mother and father owned a restaurant on the corner of Colorado and DeLacy called LeDru's and Dad had several huge Borman landscapes and seascapes hanging on the walls. They were on the walls until he sold the restaurant sometime in the 70s."

30x24 oil - click for detail

Lower right detail, signed & dated 1945 shows the Italian Renaissance Style Savonarola chair.

I remember this magnificent chair, Leonard used it for most of the formal portrait settings,

It was another part of a large collection of antiques LB sold to one of his devoted patrons in the early 1970's.

Here is a photo of LB's chair, the lady posing here, is one for a group of portraits done for the Joshua Tree players Guild, Joshua Tree CA.

The black lace Spanish fan is one of several antique fans I bought from LB in the 1970s.


The owner of this fine portrait is offering it for sale, for more information the email is -




 This magnificent Leonard Borman painting  was purchased approximately 30 years ago from a private party in San Marino, CA

It was probably painted and sold in the late 40s or early 50s from Leonard's studio in Pasadena.

It's current owner resides in Scottsdale, AZ and might be interested in selling it.

For more info. email


Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevada's  Oil on canvas 36" x 48"




This lady from Texas found the Leonard Borman painting above & sent the info. to me.

I remember Leonard talking about these sketches he made in the late 1930s or early 40s,

I think it was the LA. CA. harbor I'm not quite sure but he did say it was a movie set for one of  Jack London's movies.

email from Texas

Dear Mr. Farris,
I note your website is last updated in March of 2010.  On August 21st I was in Fredericksburg, Texas at a "Trade Days," looking through one vendor's items when I spied this painting leaning up against a piece of furniture.  Bought it for $22, came home and found your site on Google.  Had it framed and it is now hanging in my home.  Here are pictures, including a close-up showing his signature.





Nov.5, 2011 - 12-2016 Plesae update your email

These images sent by the Granddaughter of Mr and Mrs T.E. Adams collectors of Leonard Borman Art from the past.

Mr and Mrs Adams owned the horse ( Brave Fox ) pictured below winning at Golden Gate Fields May 1 1952.


Jockey Johnny Longden


Mr Adams bird dogs painted by LB signed & dated possibly 1960?




 Southern California Eucalyptus

By  Leonard Borman

This is without a dough one of the finest paintings Leonard ever produced.You may have seen it on this web site in Landscapes -1

The dimensions of the painting are  36" x 47". The antique frame is from Paris, France - 5 3/4 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches thick (front to back)

Value of the frame alone is in the thousands of $$$. Painted in 1934. It was purchased from Leonard Borman in approximately 1962 in Joshua Tree, CA.

It is now offered for sale  by it's original owner.

Contact information -

David Barbere at, please include name, address and phone number in your email and he will respond.


Oil Painting by Leonard Borman

25 1/8" wide X 30" High

Barry Goldwater and his horse "Sonny" in a 4th of July parade in Prescott Arizona in 1964.

This fine painting is now offered for sale by it's owner.

Contact information -




This Beautiful 26" x 35" Desert Oil Painting on canvas signed and dated 1964.

It's set in a very fine frame hand carved by the artist Gold leafed and patina finished by his wife May Borman.

The painting will soon be offered for sale by it's owner.  Contact information




Here is a very fine Leonard Borman pastel portrait a new collector bought online.
The smoke from the subject's cigarette spells out his name "Bosko."
Leonard knew Bosko & his family long before I moved to the desert in 1964.
They were very good friends, Bosko had a vacation home very near LB's property in Joshua Tree CA.
Bosko owned a large heavy equipment business in the Sothern CA. area.
He bought many pictures from LB over the years but I had never seen this portrait.
There was a scar on the right side of his face.



Leonard & May Borman met the Woods, Mr. & Miss. long befor I moved to the desert. The Borman's & the Woods were very very good friends.

Mr. & Miss.Woods lived in the LA CA aria & had the little cabin across the valley from the Borman home in Joshua Tree. Here are some of the paintings they collected that now reside with the family.







48" X 30"  

Sandy has enclosed this colorfull account of meeting the Borman's as a child.



Ocean view 24x36 hand carved frame 1950s sent in by Scot  from Covina, CA

bought  from Borman at his Pasadena studio - more here, 1, 2.



Cactus Wren 8 x10 watercolor

from Suzanne of Yucca Valley  CA  9-14-2013


14"x 18" oil on Masonite native American

This very fine painting by LB is offered forsale from John in the San Diego CA. area. email address -



LB's_Bio_& my_Collection










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